Saturday, March 01, 2008

Where is PETA?

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Last weekend me and the kids went with my brother (Kevin) and his kids to the Vivarium .

It is essentially a reptile pet store in Berkeley. I cannot believe such a place would exist in Berkeley. Where are the protesters? While it was cool to see hundreds of snakes and spiders and frogs and such crammed into small aquariums and tupperware boxes, I felt sorry for them.
And sure, they sell stuff to classrooms for educational purposes, etc. And their website says this:
"Habitat destruction has become a daily threat to the existence of these animals around the world. Frog species are dwindling at a catastrophic rate and they are harbingers of a bigger ecological Armageddon. Bringing these refugees into our homes, encouraging and understanding their ways, and propagating them can provide a last home for animals that might otherwise disappear from the earth entirely and forever."

But come on people, a bunch of snakes stored in tiny tupperware boxes selling for hundreds of dollars? This guy was begging me to release him!

And this yellow/orange dude was huge! And only $300. And in an aquarium that he couldn't even stretch out half his body.

I guess I am just an animal lover people. I don't discriminate. I don't hate. I don't care if you could swallow me whole. I still love you and want you to be free. Pin It Now!