Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10 Year Anniversary Trip -Part 3

Pin It Now! Tuesday morning Shiloh surprised me with some room service. Sweet. We worked out at the hotel gym. At some point on the trip we went to the Dollar Store and were in shock in awe. I don't think I have ever been to one. That is some cheap stuff. Has to be made by 5 year olds in China ... for real though.

Went to lunch at a really good Japanese restaurant, Nozomi, that I found on Yelp.

After lunch Shiloh told me he was taking me somewhere that was a surprise. I couldn't figure it out. He said, "Think, love."
Hmmm... didn't think it was The Coffee Bean because we had already been there everyday. Cheesecake Factory? Nooo... we have one nearby now. As we drove around an industrial park he said, "Something you can't live without."
Then we pulled up to the Penta Water building. That's right folks. Happy Anniversary baby, "We're going to a water factory!" Little girls, dreams really do come true.
So we go into the building and Shiloh says to the receptionist, "Hi, we're on our 10 year anniversary trip and we really like Penta Water."
You can imagine her reaction, "Welcome. Everyone comes here on their anniversary!"
But seriously folks, she was a bit bewildered. "And how can I help you?"
Shiloh says with a huge smile, "I don't know, you tell me!"
"Well, we do have tours, but you have to have an appointment. Just a minute." Goes down the hall. Comes back and says that Mike can give us a tour at 10am tomorrow.
"Great!" says Shiloh. "We'll be back tomorrow."
Then I ask her if this was a group tour or just for us (thinking, "what if we decide to do something else on our big trip and don't want to return?").
"No, it's will just be you two."
Love. Pin It Now!


Scott Keeble said...

um, how can you go to college and not ever go to a dollar store?

Wendy Hagen said...
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Wendy Hagen said...

UCLA? I never knew of any dollar stores around there. At least not within a 2 mild radius which is about the extent of my travels. And Danville? Well you know Danville has several "Dollar" Stores. But they are called "One Hundred Dollar Stores."