Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10 Year Anniversary Trip - Part 4

Pin It Now! Met Robin (Shiloh's stepmom) for breakfast at 8:30am and then off to our Penta tour. Mike, our tour guide, was the VP of production and one of the founders of the company. In fact, he made the first Penta water filter at his home and all of his friends told him he should bottle it and sell it ... and so he did. The Penta water purification process takes 11 hours and the water really is that good. But the process is expensive and thus so is the water, but if you want to treat yourself...better than a latte.

So the crazy thing is ... the tour was really cool. So it wasn't romantic, but it was sure memorable (kind of like the nutrients comment?). Way to go Shiloh.

Lunch at Claim Jumper. Back to the hotel. I napped. Shiloh looked into the timeshares at the hotel (Shiloh's a dreamer) which earned us $150 credit at the hotel. So that night we went to their fancy Italian restaurant. SO fancy that they have a stool for your purse so it doesn't touch the ground and get germy and dirty. Has anyone ever even heard of that?

I think the bottom of my purse dirtied the stool. The food was delicious. Shiloh ranked the meal as his top 2 for all time. If you know Shiloh, you know he rarely will commit to ranking anything (except for me) in his top 5 so that was HUGE.

Our last morning we went to bagels for breakfast and then met Shiloh's Dad for lunch back at Mama's. Yum. I could have stayed a few days longer, but was glad to see the kids when they picked us up at the airport with Grandpa. Pin It Now!


Amy Taylor said...

I want to be excited for you...but maaaan. You visited family and went on a water plant tour for your 10 year ANNIVERSARY. I almost hate to ask where you went on your honeymoon...

Just kidding. I think the two of you could go anywhere and enjoy yourselves. Between Shiloh's smooth talkin' and romantic gestures, and Wendy's wit and sense of humor, anywhere & everywhere makes a great story.

Congrats on 10 years, and here's to 40 more!

Brian said...

Sounds like a great trip wendy... You got me excited for our 10 year trip next month!

(Hawaii+Brian+Angie)-(3 Kids)=good times

Glad you had a great trip!


Meghan said...

all I can say is holy smokes I have known you for 10 years! Congrats on 10 years and we hope we are as happy as you guys are when we get there!


Anonymous said...

Water? Seriously, Shiloh? And we got made fun of for touring Harvard on our 10-year anniversary trip (boring was the exact word used). But the kids were at home so who cares, right?

tlswank said...

That comment wasn't supposed to be anonymous. Were you wondering who the weirdo you don't know was doing making comments about THEIR anniversary on YOUR blog. Teralynn Swank