Friday, May 30, 2008

Lydia's Party

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We had Lydia's party at our house on Saturday. I think there were 9 kids there. I tried to keep it relatively small - with her friends. We hung out inside and ate pizza and such. Then the kids ran around in the backyard and played and blew bubbles.

In the age of $100 kids' cakes with their favorite character(s) airbrushed on top... in a land (Danville) where Moms spend endless hours and $ creating custom cakes of their own with Dora made out of candies, cream and random objects... there came Wendy. The baker, but not the crafty one. I got an organic yellow cake mix from Whole foods and made some cupcakes for the party. They were so gooooood ... and yet so ugly and uncooperative with frosting. I told Elijah that sometimes the ugly ones taste the best. He then requested to have the ugliest one to eat. And he made a good choice. I got kicked out of my Danville Mom's group, but it was worth it.

So Lydia passed her cold to Elijah and me. Lydia enjoyed it for 10 days. Elijah for about a week. I decided after 8 days to take it to the next level and get a lot worse with a BAD sinus infection. I tried all the non-drug remedies, but just got worse. After day 10 I finally had to go on an antibiotic which finally started me in the right direction after a few days.

Shiloh's brother Caleb and his wife (Kate) and kids came to visit during this time as did Grandpa Fred (Shiloh's Dad). Elijah cried when they left. He LOVES his cousins and so does Lydia. Shiloh and I had a good time hanging with Caleb and Kate.

Click here are some more recent pics of Elijah's Tee Ball and the cousins' visit.

So with all the sickies in the house, it has been a long month and I was ready to have the sickness leave our house, but... Pin It Now!


Joe said...

Alright grandkids!

That's it, just keep grandpa busy so that he can't update his drivers and teams on F1 fantasy. Buy me some time to make up points! :) Sunday is going to be not-race day for "race day" If you are in the know, you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

love that you're kicked out of the club by the way- miss