Friday, June 06, 2008

More Sickness Please

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But... Lydia woke up puking on Wednesday. Then fever. Wednesday night Elijah's tummy starting hurting. Then fever. As of today (Friday) Lydia seems good to go. Elijah had a high fever yesterday and woke up today with a bad stomach ache, but no fever and no puking. I am worried they are going to develop a new sickness from all the TV they have been watching.

I am 33 weeks along now and still puking, just not every single morning. The Hagen house, it's the place to be. Stop by anytime for a good puke. We've got saltines. Come on over. Pin It Now!


Anonymous said...

Poor Babies! Lydia is such a doll. I am excited for you! Soon baby number 3 will be here. :)

Rosalyn said...

You've been sick! I thought there was another writers strike. I'm so glad to have another episode to read! Keep it coming. You are mine and Jim's entertainment! We love you!