Thursday, September 18, 2008

Food is good

Pin It Now! Most of you know that we were not planning on our surprise blessing, Jordis. We were in the middle of trying to adopt a little boy (Moses) from the Philippines when she happened. To be honest, I was bummed. Besides the thought of 9 months of puking, I was bummed to not be able to adopt.
Shiloh said to me, "Let's talk about the positives here." At the time, I think the only thing I could come up with was this, "People bring you food when you have a baby."

And that was true. And it was good. And I want to give a shout out to those that brought us meals. THANK YOU SO MUCH -
Davina Dong, Erica Hobby, Kelly Decker (twice!), Heather Yamashita (many times before baby and after), Danika Stokes, Teresa Spica, Kristin Lineberry, Marissa Mann, Sarah Melvin, Kourtney Myers, Jenn Murphy, Rebecca Adams, Shannon Hoffman, Rosalyn Esmeyer and Kevin Cox.
I hope I am not forgetting anyone. If I am, let me know, and I will bring you a meal.

Thank you all for helping to savor these baby nutrients by bringing such good food!

And an unnamed friend of ours blessed up by mowing our mega lawns and washing Shiloh's car. THANK YOU.

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