Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Home from Hospital

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Jordis and I just returned from our 4 day stay at John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek. I will blog in more detail (because there are some details - both sad and funny) at a later date. But the quick run down is this: Jordis was extra sleepy on Sunday. Took her temp - 101.4. Took her to the weekend clinic and they sent us to the ER (her temp was 103). Then testing. Found out she had Urinary Tract Infection so she was admitted and put on antibiotics. It took 5 sets of nurses and 9 pokes to finally get an IV in her ... head! Yikes. Saddest thing.

She was doing better yesterday until she started puking. So while UTI was on the mend she had picked up the stomach flu. No throwing up today so we were released at 4pm and are now home. Exhausted. More to come. Oh, and I just puked like a fire hose. Looks like I got the bug too. Arghhhh.
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sara said...

love the fire hose visual. i hope you get better very soon. And some much needed rest!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wendy!!! Poor baby....please give lots of love to your Angel for me :)Get better!

fredism said...

Nothing feels as good as your own bed after staying in that dang hospital.
I'm glad the family is back to full basketball team strength.

Amy Taylor said...

never a dull moment at the Hagen House!

Alison Francis said...

Oh man...what a bummer. I am glad she is feeling better. Looks like your ER count may top the Francis count this year.