Saturday, October 18, 2008

Slumber Party

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We had a slumber party last night. Owen (neighbor and buddy) spent the night. Friday afternoons Ava comes over after school (6th grade) and is the "Mommy's Helper." She plays with the kids so I can get stuff done around the house. The boys enjoyed hearing her tell them a story. Lydia... not so much. She just rolled around on the floor.

I put them to bed a little early so they could get all their sneak outs and giggles out of their system. And Dad got donuts for breakfast because what would a sleep over be without donuts? Juvenile Hall.

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Anonymous said...


Andra Jamison said...

Waiting til Lydia is old enough for sleepovers and you can look forward to the "fly" raps she makes up...
I'm waiting to bring Daphne to your house for some self-defense training so she can handle herself around the boys (only the fresh ones w/a dollar bill) that sounds worse than it really was!

Andrea said...

Hey Wendy- I found your blog on Danika's- I heard all about the sleepover, Owen was so jazzed- looks like they all had a blast! Annie