Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dirty Siblings

Pin It Now! When my kids all dirty I feel like it has been a good day. Kids were made for dirt. This was a good dirty day ...
The other day I unloosed the children in the backyard by themselves. Big brother Elijah took his role as big brother seriously. Thus, created turned on the hose, filled a bucket with water and dumped it into the sandbox. Once the mud was created, he lined the slide with it and encouraged his sister to slide on down.

As you can see from the photo below she had no problem following her brothers instruction. (What's the trick Elijah? I need to know.)

Then she climbed back up and did it again ... and again ... and again.

I really can't blame her. It brought back fond memories for me of when I used to play "trip" with my brothers. I thought it was the greatest game ever. Here is how it went. Brothers get down on hands and knees. Sister runs by and they trip her with their arms and legs. "Trip" got especially fun when sister would try and jump over a swiping arm only to get swiped midair and then fall flat on her face. And sister just wanted to keep on playing. Aren't siblings great? Pin It Now!


Rosalyn said...

We had a similar game called bear claw!