Thursday, February 12, 2009

After a tiring day with the kids...

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This is actually a post I wrote in November, but never posted it.  I figure I should post this before Elijah starts reading.

When Shiloh came home from work today I got dinner on the table just for the two of us. He said, "What about the kids?"
I replied, "I'm not a big fan today."
He said, "I meant, what are they doing for dinner?"
"Oh." I replied honestly. "They already ate."
Well, I guess that sums up my day.

I now don't remember the day at all or why my kids were buggin.' But it could have been an MBD (mental breakdown day). You know when kids cry over not wanting to wear socks when it is 45 degrees outside. And they fight about nothing and everything. "STOP IT ELIJAH! STOP BOVERING ME!"
"Elijah, what are you doing to your sister?"
Elijah (now crying) "MO-OM! I was just singing."
Or the other version is Elijah responding without crying but with a twinge of sarcastic evilness in his tone, "Mom, I was just singing." which really means - "I found out that my singing bugged my sister. So I just kept doing it. More and more. Because I like to bug her."
And it is like this all day long. Thus, constituting an official MBD. Husbands might be called. Crying may take place. Questioning of your ability (or desire) to be a MOM likely ensues.

The other day my girlfriend, Heather, had one of these days. Her husband had been out of town (that always helps escalate the frequency and intensity of MBDs. Toss in a little sleep deprivation and you are golden. Good to go for that MBD). Heather talks to her husband on the way home from the airport and he realizes Heather is in serious MBD mode. He calls shiloh to cancel their discipleship group that night. I overhear Shiloh talking to him, "I'll have Wendy get on her prom dress and meet Heather outside." Shiloh fills me in on the state of affairs. Me and Heather are going to go out for hot chocolate.
I took Shiloh seriously and put on my prom dress.

Heather picked me up (and felt underdressed) and laughed (my goal) and off we went. Picked up Danika and headed out... to Target. As per Heather's request. And yogurt. Good times.
Thank God for new beginnings with our children each and everyday, right? Because it really is such a blessing to be a parent, but sometimes it's just pretty tiring and challenging.

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Andra Jamison said...

Fabulous! These are the times I wish I was local, because I'm always looking for any occasion to put on my prom dress! It could probably rival yours for # of sequins!!


really? that was your prom dress!
so fabulous.

Jenn said...

Wendy, I've been dying to hear the explanation of MBD since your facebook pics showed up!! Hilarious.
And I can soooo relate. To the mental breakdowns. Not the dress. I don't even own my prom dress(es) anymore, but hey... I could ROCK a bridesmaid dress. HA! Yay for friends who can put a smile on your face even after the most miserable day. And yes, Thank God that every morning you start anew.

Amy said...

You crack me up.

Hey girlfrimed - you gotta fix the link to my Taylor Trash blog. you have the new old one on there.

the correct one is

Michelle Schrock said...

I have been refining the art of MBDs these past 2 weeks. Being all the way in Japan I don't have the support network I wish I did but reading your blog always makes me laugh and feel more connected and normal. You always crack me up...prom dress...genius!! Thank you for sharing your life with us...I am always inspired.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, thank you for this post. I have been having some really bad mbd's!

jennyonthespot said...

YOU. Are my kind of girl. Ya are...