Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

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Shiloh decided that we were going on a family adventure for Valentine's Day. He didn't tell us where we were going, but since I had a gift card (thanks Fred and Robin) to The Coffee Bean I had a feeling we might be headed to San Fran. Yes, we like The Coffee Bean that much even though neither of us are coffee drinkers. It is their blended drinks that we love so much. And it is an excuse to go to the city.

I was right. Over the bridge we went. We first went to Nordstrom and ate lunch. Weird, I know. Another gift card. Then Shiloh surprised us by dropping us off at the Metreon (Thanks Missy for that gift card) for the 3-D Imax movie. Under The Sea.It was a good idea ... kind of. You see, Lydia had never been to the movie theater before. Let alone a MASSIVE one. The lights went dim. The screen went dark. The crowd went silent. Except for Lydia. She and the IMAX sound/music increased in volume together. Lydia flipped out screaming, "Mommy, I want to go home. I don't like this. No mommy! Go to the stairs! I want Daddy!!" She crawled into my lap and tried to crawl over my head as if the movie was going to get her (before it even started). So we left. I called Shiloh and he came and got Lyds. He and the girls went to The Coffee Bean and returned after the movie (with an ice blended Mocha for me). Elijah and I enjoyed the movie. I thought the details of the Cuddle Fish mating rituals was a little sketch for the audience full of children. Happy Valentine's Day to them? Fortunately, I didn't have to field any Cuddle Fish cuddling questions from Elijah. He just liked it when they ate their prey.

After all the trauma (or maybe it was the alcohol?), Lydia needed a good night's sleep.

After the kids went to bed Shiloh and I watched the movie Fireproof. It is a low budget ( $500K ) that made over $30 million. And despite the low budgetness of it and the bad acting it was a really good movie. Awesome pro-marriage message and pretty funny at times. I highly recommend it. Kirk Cameron played the lead character and he did a great job. A few of the firefighter guys (Kirk's character was a firefighter) were decent. But the rest of the cast... not so much. I think they were the ushers from the church that produced it or something. So rent it and let me know what you think. I am really curious to see what the non-Christian folk think of it. Check it out. Pin It Now!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Briana did the same thing at the Imax theater in San Diego. We were waiting to watch a movie and they showed a scene where the White House blew up. That was it, all over, she wouldn't go in another theater for a year. Also watched fireproof and felt the same way. Best part for me was the 40 days book. I have my own book but its more like the every day book. Always seem to know when things are getting distant and resort to my own book to show some creative love. It always works.

The Andersons said...

we have walked out of every 3D, 4D and IMAX movie, including the ones at the Happiest place on Earth. When Lydia is 9 and tells you she can handle Honey I Shrunk the Kids in 4D - DO NOT believe her. ANd then the one the kids finally made it through, about the Space Station, gave Scotty a migraine and he threw up from motion sickness.

still - we love family adventures like that. the kind that produce stories we can use to retaliate when our kids consider us lame later in life are our favorite.

miss ya