Monday, November 24, 2008

Dates with Kids

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Shiloh and I have been trying to take the kids on dates so they get one on one time with us.

I took Lydia to Just Your Party. She is a jumpy house junky so she loved it. It sure wore me out. And if you are having trouble focusing on the above photo you might need glasses. The photo is not blurry. And if you are wondering about her outfit - yes, it is awesome.

On Friday I took Elijah to the San Francisco Creamery. He got a HUGE ice cream sundae and clogged arteries, I mean, happy faced french fries. And we played bingo. We left the night tied 1-1. Then we went to Pasta Gondola and played a few video games. And yes, I am the current favorite parent. And yes, it is OKAY to buy your child's love.

And lastly, check out this blog: Calling For Justice. It is my girlfriend, Amy's, blog. She is holding auctions for various items in order to raise $ for causes of social justice. Currently, she is raising money to help her friends adopt 5 1/2 year old twins from Uganda. So go check it out.

Happy Thanksgiving. We are headed to Tahoe... Pin It Now!


Meghan said...

You guys are such great parents =)

Lindsay said...

Hi Wendy,
Amy K. told me about your blog recently. It's fun to see you and your little ones and you are still such a kick! I'm a fellow blogger...and I love reading mom blogs. I especially loved the school photos of your oldest...volunteer moms always do a number on Emma's hair too! Anyway, you're hilarious and Brian and I are glad to see that you are all doing so well! Have a great Thanksgiving! Sincerely, Lindsay & Brian (Willmer)