Friday, December 05, 2008


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We had a great Thanksgiving in Tahoe. I hustled around before the trip trying to borrow snow clothes for me and the kids. I ended up getting some borrowed, some thrift store and Elijah's boots at Target. Good thing there wasn't any snow up there. Good thing we forgot Lydia's regular shoes so she got to wear her 2 sizes too big borrowed boots the whole time.

And we just made Elijah wear his the whole time anyway. You know the whole, "We paid good money for these and you WILL wear these no matter what young man!" good parenting technique. Simmer down CPS, I am just kidding.

We stayed at cousin Pat and Pam's place in King's Beach and had Thanksgiving dinner at Pam's mom's "Lake House." Gorgeous.
When we got home, Elijah's prayer life evolved a bit. He prays for homeless people every night. He asks that God would take care of their needs and bring them food and shelter and money, etc. But after Thanksgiving he decided to go big or go home. He prayed "Lord, I pray for the homeless people. That they would have vacation homes and cars ..."
I guess he liked the "Lake House."

Here are some more Thanksgiving pics. Pin It Now!


Sharon said...

Wendy, your son is amazing.

Jenn said...

I can so relate-- we went to my dad's cabin for Thanksgiving and I did the mad dash trying to find snow clothes for the kids. NO SNOW.
And Elijah's prayer was precious. :)