Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kidney Reflux Update

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And for those of you wondering what we decided to do about her kidney reflux here's the scoop:
Got referred to a pediatric urologist at Children's Hospital in Oakland. He recommended the standard treatment that everyone does - especially with a baby of her age. In fact, the pediatric urologist has not had a patient that does otherwise ... until me. Without boring you with too much detail suffice it to say that I researched it a lot, prayed about it a lot, etc. I think antibiotics do have a place in this world, BUT if you overuse them then they loose potency when you really need them. And the Dr. said 2 things that actually made me feel better about not giving Jordis the antibiotic treatment:
1. She would probably not get another infection (the kids that have recurring infections usually have something else going on that makes them more prone to them).
2. If she does get another infection it is very unlikely that it would cause kidney damage (the more you get UTI's the more likely to cause damage, but unlikely to cause damage with 2 infections).
Call me crazy, but why would I put her on JIC (Just in case - my term) antibiotics if she is not likely to get another infection and if she does, it is not likely to damage her kidneys? Especially when I believe that a year of antibiotics will definitely cause problems - increased yeast, future resistance when needed, killing all the good bacteria in her body, etc. I said to the nurse practicioner, "What if I take Jordis's pee in to my pediatrician every week to be tested to perhaps catch an infection early on if she has one?" (Jordis's pediatrician said that if I didn't want to give her the antibiotics she would refer us to a pediatric urologist and ask that we bring in a urine sample once a month.) She kind of chuckled, "I don't know. No one has ever done that before." So that is what I am doing. Every week, I deliver a gift to Jordis's dr.'s office. They love me there.

I told the urologist that he could use us a case study (retroactive of course) as to what happens when a baby does not take the antibiotics. I gave him permission to talk to his colleagues about me, "I have got this one crazy lady..." And I told him that if Jordis does get another infection I would give her the antibiotics. Three months from her first infection...we are all clear!

Jordis will get tested again at 14 months old to see if she has grown out of the reflux. The chances of that are about 70%.


This is Zoe. Her Mom (Kim) and I were on dance team together at UCLA.

This is the kids with their Uncle Jonathon (Shiloh's 17 year-old brother). He came up from San Diego this weekend for a visit.

P.S. I thought "Seven Pounds" was really good. GREAT acting. Very sad. Creative story line. Congratulations Grant.
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Libby said...


Props to you for going with what you think is best despite it not being the 'standard' course of treatment. Cannot believe Zoe--she and Jordis are both so cute. It's hard to believe we are all mothers now...where did the time go???

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you for being a stand up Mom and doing the right thing for your little girl. We will pray for her too. She is soo precious.

Christine Smith said...

Since my daughter has autism,and I am certain it was from her 5 baby shots that gave her a raging fever 24 hours later, I am a huge fan of not trusting the doctor. The mercury was removed from the vaccines exactly one month after my daughter had her shots, but the effects of the mercury shots in her baby bloodstream will affect her forever. She also had the antibiotics on a regular basis with her ear infections, and we now know that was a bad choice too.

Jo's Health Corner said...

Wendy, You are my kind of girl! I love it when people challenge the doctors and go their own way..There are so many natural options to antibiotics and other medications.


Amanda said...

It's always great to hear when a mom goes with her gut, even if it may be AMA (against medical advice).