Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seven Pounds Opens Tomorrow!

Pin It Now! Okay people, time to get out of the house for something other than a holiday party! Seven Pounds opens tomorrow. A group of us are going tomorrow night so email me or post a comment if you want to come join us. Here is a link to a photo Grant (Danville boy who wrote the movie!) and Jill (another former Danville human AND Bruin) at the premiere. Just say no to "Yes Man" and yes to "Seven Pounds," because this will be way better. More substance. More though provoking. And who doesn't like Will Smith? Does it get any better than "Parents Just Don't Understand?" Here is another link to a video of some red carpet action at the premiere with Grant and Will Smith. The "guest" is absent. I think they didn't want her hotness to upstage Rosario Dawson.

And here is a picture of Lyds, AKA the death princess, from Thanksgiving... lest I blog without a photo. Oh, another fabulous saying she has picked up (from The Lion King movies which are now banned) is "What the???" She goes around the house saying "What the? What the? What the? What the?" She repeats it over and over (with no clue what she is saying) really fast. Anyone want me to homeschool their children? I was thinking about contracting myself out.
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Jocelyn said...

Loved the movie, it is intense and like a big puzzle, left me crying in the end.

Wendy Hagen said...

Yea!! Glad you saw it. I thought it was really good, too. All of us were crying at the end.

Melissa said...

What the? You're offering to homeschool my kids? When can you start:)