Monday, December 08, 2008

My sweet boy

Pin It Now! We decorated the Christmas tree yesterday. After we put the angel topper on the tree Elijah came over to me and said with a smirk, "Cause then Santa will know we like God." Love that boy. And his wardrobe choices. This UCLA sweater is his ... from 3 years ago.

Elijah and Dad picked out the Christmas tree at the local grocery store and walked it home in the red wagon. When me and the girls got home Elijah told me excitedly, "Mom, Dad told me that he wanted me to be his Christmas tree partner every year."

Tonight I was telling him that he was my favorite little boy. And his said, "You're my girl." I told him I loved the sweet little things that came out of his heart. He replied, "Like one time when I prayed I used the word justice?"
He is one of a kind. Pin It Now!


Anonymous said...

"Your My Girl". I cried.


Thats awesome. Im really excited to see you guys on New Years.