Friday, December 05, 2008

Magic Wand?

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Yesterday we were line for preschool and Lydia had her "magic wand." She told the Mom in front of us, "This is my magic wand. It's for killing people."
Awesome. And I have only let her watch "Nightmare on Elm Street" once! But seriously folks, I am glad the values I have tried to instill in my children are setting in. And where would us girls be without big brothers??? Probably not killing people with princess wands that's for sure. So here she is again explaining the purpose of the magic wand as she and Elijah and his buddy, Kaiden, played today. As you will see, I try to steer her away from the "killing with wand" mentality. So she then drastically changes her tune ... and says it is for "getting" people. And then the battery on the camera died. Pray for us please.

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Anonymous said...

Haha! What a funny video. Lydia has smashed the hearts and flowers stereotype for little girls :)