Saturday, January 24, 2009

Elijah turns FIVE!

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Elijah turned 5 on January 20th. It was a monumental day. He got gum for the first time AND we have an African American president! Almost too much to handle in one day. He (Elijah, not Barack, although if Barack knew about Shiloh's French toast I am sure he would have had him serving it up inauguration style) requested Shiloh's french toast for breakfast. He had that and some "Golden" Grahams since he is obsessed with the color of gold because Aslan is gold in The Chronicles of Narnia (he and shiloh are on book 7 of the series).

He received a gun with gum balls in it from us. Does it get any better? You get the gum balls out and then you have a squirt gun. It's kind of like a transformer and in fact, it should be in the next Transformer movie. He pretty much popped gumballs in his mouth all morning. And he quickly learned that sugar gum's flavor is overrated. Only lasts a few minutes. I volunteered in his preschool class and got to watch him receive a crown and a hug from a stuff bear. BIG TIME people, big time.

He and Lydia played outside after school.

Then we went to Pasta Gondola AKA The Pizza Machine with his cousins. Then Cold Stone Creamery. I told him he could sleep with us (me and Shiloh) for a special birthday treat. He said he wanted to sleep in Jordis's room so if she wakes up crying he could take care of her and I wouldn't have to get up. What a sweetheart. So Shiloh tucked him in on the floor next to Jordis crib, which woke her up. Awesome. But he wanted to follow through on his commitment and rock her back to sleep. He rocked her and she just stared up at him and smiled. It was sweet. Please check out his sleeping arrangement. He set up a bed for his new "Narnia" pillow he got from his Grams (Shiloh's Mom). With the (empty) bubble gum gun. In case of an intruder, you know.

Today we had the birthday party with seventeen mostly 5 year olds. I don't understand why people think those crystals have special energy ... just nail up a few 5 year old boys in the corner and you're good to go... for a long time.  I think everyone had a good time. Here were the events:
1. Free play AKA sword fighting and light sabers and star wars guns
2. Pin the tail on Aslan
3. Pizza
4. Free play - back to chaos and fun
5. Watch the pod race from Star Wars episode 1
6. Eat Aslan cake (thanks carol and meghan). Relax ladies, I did not make this cake (just the base). I am not going Martha Stewart on anyone. (see photos below the cake of my "decorating")

7. Freeze dancing  AKA Freeze tackling/mosh pit
8. Billy Boo story told by Shiloh
9. Open a gift. Legos! Put them together with Dad.
The end. Fun. Fun. Fun.

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SO fun! happy birthday cousin elijah.

taryn hiroshima said...

aw ... (: what an awesome fifth birthday.
gum is amazing.

taryn hiroshima said...

ps. do you still talk with my norcal familia?
i'm sure sweety misses you ...

Anonymous said...

My goodness....I cannot believe this. Five. And such a little heartbreaker; he really is going to be a good young man Wen.