Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vacation Part 3 - Disneyland

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Back to our So Cal Vacation earlier in the month. And after this, there will be part 4 and then we will return to the normal hoopla de la hagens.

We arrived in the parking lot at Disneyland at 9:30am. In the park about 10:30am. Speed walked to the Princess dealio and waited in line for about 30 minutes or so. Lydia was a big talker. She couldn't wait to see the princesses. Until we got in the front of the line. Then she wanted to go home. I obliged and we headed back to Newport ... in her princess dreams. There was no turning back. She clung to me as the scary beauties attacked her.

She did not speak until Belle said, "Oh, I see you are a dancer (she was wearing a tutu, afterall) I am a dancer too. I dance with the Beast." Lydia replied, "I'm a pwincess."

And off we went to the next adventure and met up with the Olsons (Keri is one of my best friends from college and was my roommate for a short time. She has two boys and a 3 month old girl).

The highlight of the trip, in my opinion, was Elijah getting certified as a Jedi at Tomorrowland.

He was chosen to be a jedi in training and he got to fight Darth Vader on stage. His dream come true since we first saw the show 1 1/2 years ago. This was when Elijah was first introduced to Star Wars (he was 3 1/2). He was freaked out by it then, but became obsessed with Star Wars thereafter. He took the whole thing so seriously and fought his little heart out against Darth Vader. He was so proud as was his sister. Oh yeah, I found out what it was like to be a "stage mom" as I totally was coaching him on how to get picked from the audience. Before they started picking kids I told him, "You just sit and raise your hand quietly like in school. Don't say "oh, oh, oh, pick me!" But when the action started I saw that he was going to be overlooked if he didn't stand up. So in true stage mom fashion I coached him on the spot, 'Stand up! Stand up! Jump up and down!'" Pathetic, I know. Was I trying to live vicariously through him because I always wanted to be trained as a jedi??? Only therapy will tell.

The lowlight of Disneyland was The Tiki Room. I mean, really? Time to update that "attraction." Can it really be called an "attraction?" At least I got to sit down for a few minutes. That was cool.

Shiloh took Elijah on Space Mountain and Star Tours while me and the girls went on the thrilling Monorail. I got to go on Thunder Mountain with Elijah. He loved it all. We all went on Pirates of the Caribbean, which is about the scariest, evilest, freakiest family ride they have. Poor Lydia. She feared for her life.

Ran into an old high school classmate in toon town. Jenn (Graves) Mello.

And met up with Jocelyn (Diamond) King who I have known since second grade when I was best friends with her sister, Andra. It's a small world after all, but that freakin' ride was shut down for repairs.

We stayed until closing (8pm) at which point I think we all wanted to be carried.

Tuesday morning we woke up with Disneyland hangovers and wanted to sleep the day away. Well, at least the adults did. Instead we went to this fabulous restaurant on Balboa Island called Willma's Patio for breakfast. Walked around. Went home. Elijah boxed on the Wii and it was hilarious. He fought so furiously that he was knocking guys out right away. And he almost punched out the TV too because he would just punch and scoot closer. Punch and scoot. Tongue out. Dead serious. I will have to post a video of that action. The Ortiz fam headed back for Arizona later in the afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious...:). I cannot wait until Josh gets old enough to go. Lydia is so funny! So you guys braved Star Tours? I ended up yakin' on that everytime. Thought I was over it, and found out I wasn't. I love Lyd's pigtails!