Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vacation Part 2 - Newport Beach

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We arrived at the Newport Coast Villas (thank you mom and dad for your fabulous Christmas present of timeshare action) on Saturday afternoon. We were not able to get a room next to Russ and Stacy, but we got one that was the next building over.

Haeran, my old UCLA dance teammate, popped in for a visit. And we all headed over to the Beach Pit BBQ (owned by another UCLA dance teammate, Melissa) for dinner. Melissa came by for a quick visit as she lives just down the street. It was great to see them and reminiscence about the days when our bodies used to move quickly, sharply, funkily. Okay, so we didn't even talk about that at all, but my body was sore the next day from just thinking about it.

Kati and Tim Yee came over to our pad that night and hung out. And if we didn't call you or see you other orange county folk when we were down there, please don't take offense. First night there and Wendy knocks out visiting with 3 friends in addition to the friends we are vacationing with. Shiloh cannot believe he married a connector and wonders if we will ever go to land where I don't have friends to visit. Not that he doesn't like my friends, he just get overwhelmed with all the social life, the disco dancing, etc. Note to Shiloh - next time don't marry Wendy. So once again, sorry my so cal friends. We just didn't have time to fit many people in to our jam packed week.

Sunday we headed to Balboa Island for some fun in the sun. Of course it was in the 70s in January. Kids played on the beach and then on the play structure and swings.

Lunch at Ruby's on the Pier.

Lydia bit the dust swinging. That whole "you need to hold on concept" is so overrated.

They rode the merry-go-round, the ferris wheel. Elijah and Grace went on the bungee trampoline thingy. Junk food was had by all. It was a great day.

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