Monday, March 16, 2009

Hagen Family Worst Photos of 2008

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These bad Hagen photos are my St. Patrick's Day present to you. May they lift you up and build your self worth as mine goes down the tubes. Here is a preview.

I have made a St. Patrick's Day resolution because I am 1/2 irish. I am going to try and blog at least every other day. And I spiffed it up a little and titled it "Tales from the Motherhood."

I am working on writing a book (isn't everyone?) called (if you are male you might not want to click on the link - especially if you don't have children) Totally Desperate Mom so I thought I should get some more practice writing and draw in some more followers. (I WILL NOT be serving kool-aid.) You know, build up some anticipation and demand for the book. Total long shot, but I enjoy writing nevertheless.

There are several ways you can stay updated on when I post to the blog.

1. The RSS feed seems to be a very convenient way to stay updated. I have read a bunch about what an RSS feed and I still can't quite understand or explain to you what it is. I write, I don't technify.

Anyway, if you use Safari there will be an RSS is the right hand corner of your address bar. Click on it and it will take you to the RSS feed. You can then click on the left hand corner (where it says feed://....) and drag that onto your bookmark bar or into a bookmark folder. I made one called RSS and put some other blogs into that folder. Now whenever there is an updated post (from any of the blogs in my RSS folder) there will be a number next to RSS indicating how many new posts have been made. Then I can scroll down to the blog with the number by it and open it up. It takes me to the RSS feed page for that blog. Then I click on the name of the blog at the top and it will take you to the actual blog. It's actually quite cool because you know right away when there is a new post. There are RSS fees on a lot of web sites. If you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, I am not exactly how they work with RSS feeds, but it is probably pretty similar.

2. Bookmark my blog and check it everyday for the rest of your life.

3. Become a follower of my blog. Everyone's doing it. Well, at least my Mom is... because I signed her up. Just click on the right hand side of the blog and sign up. I am not exactly sure what this gets you. Maybe some coupons or free stuff.

3. Email me and I will just email you whenever I post.

4. Ignore everything I am saying and never come back to my blog again. It's a free country and my mom can beat up your mom so, whatever.

Remember to submit your photos of your DMV's (dirty minivans or filthy SUVs or trashed sedans) is in 2 days! Thursday by 6pm. I will post the finalists (everyone who submits) on Friday. Winner(s) will richly rewarded with some awesome junk, I mean, special keepsakes. I don't want to intimidate anyone, but here is a sneak peek pic of the DSUV of one of the contestants. Stiff competition with the text all on the photo and everything. Not that you will be judged by presentation, but it does add to the emotional appeal.

And lastly I love hearing your comments on the blog - especially if they are something like, "Yeah, you're totally normal. I put my cell phone in my dishwasher too." or "Thanks for making me feel better about myself because your family has no fashion sense and looks really ugly in those pictures."

And now the moment you have all been waiting for. Making people feel pretty all across the world...
Ugly Hagens '08

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brenda Madsen said...

Wendy~you are so bookmarked on my computer. The DMV post was classic!
I heard Oprah is showing 'the dirtiest car in America', so you are on to something.
I think you could publish a book of photos with captions! But, I want to read your Totally Desperate Mom book too!

Meghan said...

OK I am still laughing at your email and the gallery... there are no words!!! Love it! And you are normal, one day I will show you Sarpalius worst-pretty scary stuff!

Amy said...

I have to say I'm a little disappointed with Hagen's Worst '08. You guys must be getting more photogenic & fashionable, because they didn't seem near as bad as years passed. That was a compliment =)

Oh my! you wouldn't believe the word verification they are having me type!!!!!!!! It's a word used for a cat & female anatomy, only spelled with an "i". Can you believe that!!!?????

tlswank said...

What the heck is your daugther wearing in the I spiked her apple juice picture?

Wendy said...

TL, It's a lifevest and a flappy jack (or something like that) hat. Amy, I know, I know. I agree. Not our best (worst) showing. 2009 is gonna be our year.