Monday, March 30, 2009

Elijah Finally Cut His Hair

Pin It Now! Today I had a babysitter. I had to take my cat to the vet. They forgot about me at the vet so my stay there was longer than planned. I called Meghan (babysitter/friend) to let her know that I was on the way home. She said Elijah wanted to talk to me, but then changed his mind and decided to wait until I got home. I asked her if was bad or good. 
"Ummm, Elijah cut his hair." She was changing the baby's diaper when Lydia came running in "Elijah cut his hair!" 

I know Meghan felt bad, but this stuff happens so fast. And do you think I care about a bad haircut on my son? Not so much. Had it been a swipe of Lydia's goldilocks, I might have cared... but probably not. 
Or perhaps if he chopped it when he had long flowing hair before his second birthday I would have flinched.

Instead, I actually thought it was pretty funny and was excited to see the damage when I got home. I have to say I was a bit disappointed to find that it really didn't look that bad. I was hoping for a
"shflby" (short front, long back) or a bald patch or something worthwhile. No such luck. It wasn't even obvious that he had cut his hair. Like the break in to the unsweetened baking chocolate - what a waste of disobedience.

Of course, I immediately busted out the camera to get the fresh commentary. By the way, if you are concerned about my parenting style (AKA get out the camera) so is Shiloh. He later reminded me, "Wendy, your parenting is more important than your blogging. Etc. Etc." Don't worry folks, I had a serious talk with Elijah afterwards about proper use of the scissors, hair cutting technique and so forth.
We got further intel from Lydia upon questioning. I guess he was trying to "go big or go home" (on his sister) he just didn't succeed.
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