Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Confessions of a Childhood Actress - Print Ads

Pin It Now! This is some print work I did for Apple Computers. This may be the reason why Shiloh married me.

I was on the box of a wanna be Teddy Ruxpin bear called Smartie Bear. Or was it Smarty Bear? I am not smart 'nuff to remember.

So after a lot of action in Nor Cal we decided to head south as the Bay Area did not provide the television opportunities that Los Angeles did. One of producers of one of the commercials I did recommended an agency in So Cal. I think I was about eleven when we signed on with MGA (Mary Grady Agency) in Burbank. This is me and Mary. How about that old school phone?

Check out my Zed card. Notice the black line. That is my social security number! Had it on all my junk. I guess there was no such thing as identity theft back then. And yes, I did go by "Wendy J. Cox." Oh yeah baby, that was intentional. Rhymed with Michael J. Fox, which was important. Because he was cool. I later met him at Universal Studios when he was shooting "Back to the Future Part II" just outside the Lassie production offices. He was nice. I gave him a little "Lassie" t-shirt for his kid, Sam.

My Mom and I began to drive and fly down to L.A. for auditions for movies and television shows. Sometimes we would drive down one day and return the next. We got pretty friendly with I-5 and the Buttonwillow/McKittrick exit... and cheap motels. I had two other friends, Shannon (Farnham) Hunt and Kerry (Sable) Villar, that sometimes participated in this craziness. They were my co-conspirators in my Kirk Cameron home invasion. Next week people. Next week you will get that gem of a story.

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sara said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Wow....must have been an incredible experience! BTW, your face and tucked in hair in the Baseball pix look identical to Elijah.

tlswank said...

Wendy J. Cox?? REALLY?

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Yes, really. I told you I had an UNstage Mom. This is what happens.
Joan (pronounces Jo Anne) is my middle name so it's no fakey. I think I might have dropped the "J" at some point, but I can't remember. We'll see as I pull up more headshots.

Isabel Lau said...

Looks like you are getting the book ready. I never knew that was you on Growing Pains?! Honestly Wendy, you are funny and I see a book deal in the near future.

It was good to see you today.

Christina said...

Oh yes, I know the Buttonwillow/McKittrick exit well, though my family was more partial to the Kettleman City exit. :)

Thanks for sharing!