Thursday, April 16, 2009

BandAids - For Entertainment Purposes Only

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You know that saying, "Choose your battles?" I think have finally given up on the BandAid battle. I used to preach that BandAids were only for active blood flowing injuries.

But with the third kid... BandAids aren't even reserved for mild scrapes, peeling skin or bruises. They now fall under the "entertainment" category. You might also call this the - "Mom is making dinner, on the phone, folding laundry, checking email - so long as nobody is getting hurt, have at it" category.

How did we get so many boxes of "BandAids?" you ask. Clearly, Santa and Grandmas know about this category. And for that, we are thankful. But here's a tip - don't wash clothing with the BandAids still attached unless you're looking for a clothing tatoo.

This aid de la band has been on these pjs for at least 20 washes.

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ha! good to know. thanks for the tip.

Glenn, Jen, & Makayla Stinson said...

It's the fault of Bandaid company who makes fun, decorative, make a fashion statement with your blood stopper type of band aids!!

Sarah said...

I used to have the "must be bleeding" rule too. I changed it when one day after denying her the coveted bandaid she started picking & biting at her scrape to make it bleed more. How can you deny that sort of creativity and problem solving?

I decide then that if a silly little bandaid was worth so much to her that she would quite literally claw at her own skin, I would lower my expectations and hand them out when ever requested.

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Sarah, your daughter deserves her own drawer of bandaids in her room. That is one sick, I mean, smart kid.