Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Send your kid to church - this is what you get

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This is just a classic video. Elijah is singing a song he learned at church, but he is out of breath from all the jumping on the bed he did before the performance.  And he struggles with some of the hand motions, pauses, stumbles, recovers. Complete with a backup dancer.
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Jenn said...

Love that song. Love hearing him sing it. Love that he has to stop and think about what the correct hand motions are before he can keep going. LOVE it. :)

Christiaan said...

At the end, he pretty much decided that just jumping around is the universal-all-body-motion-for-when-all-other-motions-just-get-in-the-way. Priceless!

Marcus Gun said...

Elijah is great and, from what we've seen in their brief lives, the most talented of your children...but Lyds steals the show! She's just bouncing and "na, na, na, na, na, na, naa!" totally oblivious to his focus and concentration. They are quite a dyncamic duo. So cute!
Here's hoping they're praising with this much fervor at 17!

Meg/brightlywoven said...

That pretty much makes 5 years in the Island worth it, right there! Thanks for the link, Christiaan.