Monday, April 27, 2009

A Weekend in the Life

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In the meantime, here is a weekend (counting Friday because I want to) recap of our lives. Because I know it is really important to all (three) of you. The rest (two) of you are going to just scroll and look at the photos (Mom and Shiloh). And that's totally fine. Just be sure to click on the ads (but you'll have to really search for them because they are invisible) so I can make some cash off this.

I slept in ... kind of. I was up at 6am feeding Jordis. She went back to bed (or is that called a nap?) at 8:15am at which point me and the kids got back into bed and watched cartoons. Okay, so they watched cartoons and I went back to bed (or is that called a nap?) for about an hour of delight. 

Then we got ourselves fed and ready and whatever else and got out the door by 12:30pm. Me, my Dad and the kids picked up Elijah's buddy, Kaiden, and headed to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. The kids were just as excited about seeing a pile of mountain lion poo (brilliantly on display) as they were about petting a snake.

Took Kaiden home and then headed over to the Deckers (been friends with Mr. Ben Decker since 4th grade) for some grub and fun. Shiloh left us to go to our friend's 40th surprise bday party (Happy Bday Pat Spica) and I went home to throw the kids into bed.

We hustled hard and got out the door by 9:15am to head for a birthday party at Pump it Up (where Elijah said he wants to move to). The kids and I pumped it up (Shiloh had to work) and then headed to our temporary home.

Did I mention our house is on the market and we are staying at my parents' house? Talk about hoopla... we are bringin' it. I've got stories... actually I think my Mom and Dad have the stories. Dad, wanna write a "guest post" about the real Hagen Hoopla (since I tend to downplay things and act all fake and stuff)?

 Elijah and Lyds played outside while the poor third child napped in her crib (we let her nap there every once in a while). Elijah made up a sweet game. He threw all the plastic Easter eggs on the driveway and then rode over them to hear them go "Pop!" Way to recycle, reuse bud.

We caught our breaths and headed out the door to church, which starts at 6pm. Grabbed dinner on the way where Elijah spilled syrup (yes we feed our kids pancakes for dinner and then drop them off in childcare - very UnChristian of us) all over himself. Church was great - apparently our pastor had syrup for dinner too because he was extra wacky. 

The kids and I got out the door at a reasonable hour (11:30am) to go to another birthday party at a local park. By the way, I have NO IDEA how I will get out the door to take Elijah to kindergarten next year by 8am. I think he will have to walk to the BART station and get there himself or something.

Shiloh had to work again (he has been working like a mad dog) so I was once again the single Mom. 
Here's a shout out to all the Moms whose hubby's work weekends and/or nights and so you often find yourself lone star at many gatherings... wives of law enforcement, athletes, realtors, coaches, pastors, rock stars (Hi Bono - I know you are reading this), zookeepers (can't even count how many of those I know), military, pilots, etc (feel free to add to the list). And a shout out to the real single Moms. 

On the way home from the party, Shiloh called and asked if we could bring him some lunch at his open house because he did not have time to get food (it was 2:15pm). I was not planning on stopping so I had stripped Lydia of her pants (it was hot). People at Jamba Juice really enjoyed staring at me and my entourage. 

After that party the kids partied outside in the cul-de-sac with the neighbor kids. Elijah decided to try his luck at a steep driveway on his skateboard. What's that move called? Oh yeah, a face plant. He nailed that one. So I ran to console him and handed the baby to a random guy standing in the street. I tried to get him to do a reenactment for a photo, but it was a no go. Okay, it wasn't a random guy, it was neighbor Dave.

Check out these matching big wheels. They are both old and worn - in exactly the same way. Different parents, but they look like identical twins separated at birth. Total X-Files.

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Jocelyn said...

Busy weekend, I feel like Spring is birthday party mania. I totally clicked on your ads mega times so you can thank me for your next Jamba Juice.

Anonymous said...

PHEW!! Girl, you really are a Supermom!

Lorri said...

love it as usual!

Glenn, Jen, & Makayla Stinson said...

adding to your list "manager at a sandwich shop"