Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stylin' Saturday #4

Pin It Now! This week is dedicated Just one day. One awesome outfit.

Let's start at the top.
Daughter's clip in hair. Always a good look for the Mom. Actually, not sure whose clip it is. Someone left it at Danika's house and she gave it to Lydia. It's got a pony on it. Sorry if it is yours.
Baggy sweatshirt from 2002 with a stain on the shoulder or spit up or something. Once again, unknown origins make a great look - not sure where this sweatshirt came from. Sorry if it's yours.

Elijah took this shot. I think he wanted to hone in on a very important fashion rule.
NEVER match your blacks.

This is a versatile look. While indoors it is best worn with soft slipper socks. And it is best if the back in black outfit is entirely unflattering.

When venturing to the outside of the home be sure to grab some colorful flip flops. AND make sure you have not showered in two days before you make that trip to the outside world. In case you're wondering - I did venture out like this. To Danika's and the dry cleaners. Lydia joined me in her tutu.

Elijah wore this. We were one screaming fashion statement family.
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Jenn said...

LOVE it, Wendy. Thank goodness I don't have pictures of myself during the past week... they would have rivaled yours. :)

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Jenn, Bring it. i want to see it. Do I need to have a "worst Mom outfit" contest?

The Mrs. Kangsta said...

I think a "worst Mom outfit" contest is a great idea. If only because I think I'd stand a great chance at winning. Wendy. I think you're awesome!

Totally Desperate Mom said...

okay, okay. Purse competition and then worst mom outfit competition. It's coming.