Saturday, May 30, 2009

All Aboard!

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I am behind on blogging, but I have some good stuff in the pipeline -including my total MBD (mental breakdown day) yesterday which was preceded by a late night trip to IKEA with the whole family. Don't have time for that now so here is something from a few weeks ago...

We went on a train ride with some peeps from our MOPS group as well as another MOPS group. It was kind of fun. I liked talking to my Mom friends when I got the chance. The ride was through Niles Canyon. Not that exciting to say the least. I don't know that we even got a glimpse of a cow. It was trees, hills, the road and... nothing. That was it. Every toddler's dream. For almost 2 hours. There were no seat belts. No car seats. No strollers. No duct tape. I don't mention this for safety reasons. The fact is that I have 3 kids - a 5 year old boy, a 9 month old creepy crawler and a 3 year old firecracker girl. It's nice to have them strapped down. Especially on a moving vehicle. The good news is that I brought lots of snacks. And I just kept handing them over. I'm not sure if I am creating future fatties who will just eat out of boredom... more therapy.
I did manage to capture this totally awesome picture. Looks like Owen is just rippin' one. And Lydia is the background. About to jump off the train.

Here's another priceless pic. Owen and Elijah and deep in conversation behind Lydia. Lydia has got quite the look - looks like she is nursing her baby and plotting her escape from the train.
Too bad Lydia and Aubrey missed the concrete and the telephone lines (can't believe those still exist) on that pass. What a shame. They are going to regret that face making session for the rest of their lives.

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The Andersons said...

I too wish we lived close enough to hang out, but am glad I had a good excuse not to attend this thrilling outing :)

our court date is Wednesday night while we sleep - please pray!

Megan (PoopWogParkers) said...

OMGosh! I love reading your blog. Everytime I do, I find myself wanting to share it with either Josh or my mother-in-law & sister-in-law (because they both follow your blog like I do!) so we can laugh together because you are so witty and I (we) can totally relate. =) How's the book coming along? I am sooo buying one when it gets published!

mel said...
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