Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hollywood Days - Moving to Hollywood

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I got the part. I was to play "Megan" on "The New Lassie." I was thrilled. Shannon and Kerry (my cohorts in auditioning in L.A.) were disappointed, but I know they were also happy for me. We are still good friends to this day.

I would be moving down to Hollywood to begin filming within weeks. We had some friends of the family that had volunteered to go down to L.A. with me should this moment ever come. But would they be available to just drop everything and move to Los Angeles with this 14 year-old? We called them. The answer was "Woof. Woof." They left Vegas and moved to Los Angeles. With 2 weeks notice. They were a young couple (early thirties - so young, so young) with no children.

But first my Mom and I flew down for a photo shoot, met all the Lassie people, got fitted for wardrobe, etc. I think this happened about a week after I was cast. What an exciting time. We were on the backlot at Universal Studios. On the same street where "The Burbs" was filmed and now "Desperate Housewives". I have some pictures of this first photo shoot, but I am not sure where they are right now. Hopefully I will find them and post them next Wednesday.

Notice on this Lassie memo that I was the only one whose character's first name was not their real name. The reason? Wen-dy. Lass-ie. They didn't want my name to upstage the dog. Couldn't have a name with the same ending sound. For real. It's that deep.

Here is an article that came out in our local newspaper shortly after I was cast in the show. The date was April 15, 1989. Click on it to enlarge and read. And note I even talked about Kirk Cameron.

Are you people still enjoying these Childhood Actress posts? At first I thought I wouldn't have that much to write about, but as I keep going I realize I probably have a book's worth of stories, photos, articles, etc.

And just for kicks, here is the advertisement in the adjacent page. Club Sport. Awesome outfit lady. One that I wore myself back... two days ago.

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Anonymous said...

I am loving it! Wish you had written the book so I could read it faster... See you at the "cruise"

Kathi Quinzon