Monday, May 04, 2009

Lydia had a party

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Lydia's third birthday is coming up on May 17th. I took Elijah to Target so he could pick out a present for her. After steering him away from the dart guns ("I think Lydia would LOVE this!" he exclaimed with sincerity and excitement!), he chose this fabulous pink princess dress. The gold glitter on it is a total nightmare extra special. She leaves a gold glitter trail where ever she goes. 

We had her party a little early (on Saturday) because we did a joint party with her buddies (twins), Luke and Aubrey. In true Wendy fashion the theme was... a three year old's birthday party. Complete with Princess plates, Cars plates, black plates, gold utensils and leftover Star Wars napkins. And of course, it was optional dress up for the kids. 

The party started with coloring and sticker time.

Then we moved on to freeze dancing - because three year olds really know how to keep moving and shaking when the music stops. 

The circle dancing was hard core.

The face painting station was a big hit. Miss Megan especially enjoyed it and clearly thought it was self serve.

Pizza was enjoyed by all.

We had to line the kids up against the wall so they would not blitz the cupcakes before we could set them up to decorate their own.

And for the record, that is not face paint on Lydia's forehead. She acquired that shiner (under daddy's watch, of course) just before the party. She says that her and Elijah accidentally collided heads, but the evidence doesn't really support that. Elijah walked away from the incident completely unscathed. We think he may have coached her on the whole "This is how it happened" recap.

A good time was had by all and my Dad was able to get in a few good phone calls during the freeze dancing session.

Check out the rest of the party photos.
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Andra Jamison said...

Looks like fun. I'm especially impressed with the party plate collection, I am missing the gene that will let me do that:)