Saturday, May 02, 2009

MCP (Most Cluttered Purse) Contestants!

Pin It Now! In lieu of Stylin' Saturday... Here are the contestants for the MCP contest!
I noticed that none of the DMV contestants entered this MCP contest. Usually if your ride is a DMV your purse is ... also a storage pod for all occasions. Perhaps you all just needed a break from all the media coverage.
Here are the productive and always prepared women that submitted for the first annual MCP competition:

Contestant #1: Meghan Sarpalius
Meghan used to be in Shiloh's high school youth group when he was a youth pastor. Now she is married. No kids except for her dog.

In her own words...This is just the contents of my purse on a good day, usually there are some extra dog treats candy wrappers and other random things. Here is complete list:

Checkbook Holder (which is supposed to be inside wallet but I figured why not add one more thing to lose to my purse)
Pepper Spray (girl can never be to careful)
Aveeno Lip Balm
Kleenex (my Grandma started me on that tradition)
2 sets of keys, one for me and one for my Moms and other relatives houses
Calculator (pretty funny cause I have one of those in my iPhone, but I still like the old fashion way)
Nail File someone brought me back from hawaii for Christmas (still in wrapper)
Hair Brush
Note to grab aunt coffee from Starbuck's from last November
iPhone ear piece so that I don't get ticketed when talking while driving
Taco Bell Receipt
Uber huge sunglasses
Day planner (never uses)
2 Pens, stole one from church and the other from Adams office
Dog Leash (I am now a full time pet sitter)
Bright Yellow harness for our Puppy Lucy

Contestant #2: Carol Bazzani
Carol is Mother to Meghan (above). She helped out a lot in the youth group back in the day and is a baker extraordinaire.

In Meghan's words (she hijacked the purse and put it on display)
Let me open with this: My Mom is a pet sitter and so she actually has more the one purse that travels from different dog parks and what not (I know that fanny pack just came to your mind) however this is the purse she uses most frequently and well I figured only one entry is fair.
Note in pictures below:
That my mom uses her make up bag to store various credit cards, cash and other valuables.  No need to be discreet, going with a clear case always insures that identity theft will happen.
In her wallet she has not only one but 2, thats right folks I said 2 DL's.  Along with that at top she has a grass note (for a concert that was cancelled 5 years ago.... guess she is still holding out for that Judd's tribute band  concert.

Contestant #3: Erin Cox (my sister-in-law)
Erin is married to my brother, Kevin. She has a first grader and a second grader, a dog, several fish and a lizard named Rex. Although she is not a blood relative it appears she somehow received the MCP gene from my Mom.

She is definitely heap heavy.

It's too much effort for me to describe all these items, but I did take the pictures. I witnessed firsthand the girth of her purse. And it was girthy for sure.
Measuring tape for...?

You could do an extreme makeover from these contents. Notice the hairband wrapped around the brush.

Medicine anyone?

Contestant #4: Toby (McPherons) Morris
Toby and I have been friends since 5th grade and were roommates at UCLA.
In her words...
I was just thinking I really should get a smaller purse, because mine currently weighs about 15 pounds. I am attaching 2 photos, not doctored, of everything in my purse as of this moment, plus one of the beast herself. I think I could win this contest. Five lip balms, a measuring tape, and a scientific calculator? Check, check, and check.  My wallet alone weighs nearly four pounds, what with the $10 worth of quarters I keep in it. 

Contestant #5: Jill Forschler
I know Jill from growing up. Here is her bio in her own words ...
Before you look inside I want you to know that I just had a baby (3 months is “just” right?), I am very busy at work
(she is a school psychologist - how hard can that be? Kids these days are so not screwed up), have three kids (some with activities), and do volunteer work. This is also my excuse for my car and house looking the way they do…

Here’s a shot of all the treasures inside. I can’t even begin to tell you what’s here, so I sorted it into piles.

1 - The Paper Pile includes your standard old grocery lists, post-its, a reminder card for the boys’ dentist appointments (which I didn’t have on the calendar – shocker!), a carefully folded prescription for birth control pills (you’d think this would be placed in a spot where it wouldn’t get wrinkled, lost, or have an icee dumped on it since I am hormonal, 30 lbs overweight, attached to a pump and not looking to make my three month old a big sister), a receipt displaying my Regal Crown Club points, and a TON of gum wrappers which brings me to the

2 - Gum Pile. I’m proud of this pile because it’s actually a fine motor challenge for my 2 ½ YO. Only one of the packs has gum in it. The rest are empty, but he has to search through all of them to find the gum on the very rare occasion (yea, right) that he breaks the rule of not getting into mommy’s purse. Gives me time to catch him and inflict punishment. There’s a renegade M&M in the gum pile. Don’t know how long that’s been in there.

3 – The kids pile. Here I’ve got the standard wipes, diapers (size 2 & 6 – yes the big one needs to be potty trained, but remember I don’t have a lot of free time), snacks (which I’m running low on), a “fuffy” and a “sucky”, a killer whale, a monkey, a baggie containing 3 plastic dogs, and a plastic container that looks like it lost its toy.

4 – The toiletry pile. This one is perplexing. I’ve got 2 chapsticks and 4 lip glosses yet my lips are always bare and chapped. 4 types of lotion but my hands are always dry. A mirror which I rarely look in, nail polish in case I decide “spur of the moment” to get a pedicure, some nail files??, 5 black hair elastics and one fancy silver one, a head band (for spur of the moment work outs – HA!!), and the MD skincare products that I ripped out of a magazine at my OB’s office 6 or so months ago. Glad I stole those – maybe my skin would look better had I ever actually used them. I’m actually holding onto those to remind myself not to steal. When I was sitting on the table in my paper gown and I ripped them out of the magazine and flung them in the direction of my purse, they stuck to the wall and I had to climb off the table to remove them before the dr came in. Close call.

5 – Regular purse stuff pile. Boring. My wallet, my 5 YO’s wallet that I keep for him so he won’t lose it (and in case I need him to buy me a coffee once in a while), a Barnes and Noble gift card, my business cards, some change, a variety of pens - standard ball point, sharpie, and fancy brown glitter pen (accidentally lifted from the place I do volunteer work. Sorry!), office keys, phone, and a mini-flash light (might come in handy some day if I can find it under the rest of the crap in my purse). And it looks like there’s a Babies r’ Us coupon under the business card holder. Obviously that belonged in the paper pile.

6 – And finally the 5 ½ candles in the baggie get a pile of their own. You never know when you might need 5 ½ candles. Actually I needed them to put in the ice cream when we were going to Cold Stone to celebrate Grady’s 5 ½ birthday. Except on the way he changed his mind and wanted to go to Tutti Frutti and Braeden got upset b/c he wanted to go to Trader Joes and Kenley was crying b/c it was time for her to eat. Needless to say the candles were forgotten until I dumped my purse out 20 minutes ago.

Blog Contestant #6 : Carol Ann Plante
I know Carol Ann from my Lassie Days. She was on a show called "Harry and the Hendersons" (a spin off from the movie) and also filmed at Universal Studies. We had a lot of the same producers and crew. She has two little girls.

Blog Contestant #7: Erin Burns
Erin is a friend of one of my best buds from college, Keri (Pheubus) Olson. She has three little ones that follow her around and call her "Mom."

Okay folks, that was a long one. Way to hang tough. Now it's time to vote. You have a week. Post a comment with your vote for the most cluttered purse. Remember the rules. There are none. And remember what is at stake. Pride and a cute makeup purse -which will definitely be a purse within a purse for these solid gals.
P.S. Sorry about the weirdness in font styles. Things get funky when I cut and paste from people's emails. I tried to fix it, but it is taking too long. So for those of you who are perfectionists, I sincerely apologize. For those of you who are not, hi. What's up?
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Totally Desperate Mom said...

First vote just in (via email). It's for Erin Cox. Don't get all cocky yet Erin, the competition is stiff.

Kourtney said...

I am voting for Erin Cox and Jill Forschler. You both are going to need a back brace to carry those around soon.


ok. once again, still competition. i'm putting in two votes. one for erin cox and one for erin burns.

Amy said...

The two Erin's, hands-down!

Wow that is some fierce competition!

I knew my purse wasn't contest material, but now I'm actually feeling like it's just plain inadequate. I don't have emergency medicine, or emergency snacks, or emergency nail polish.
But, I'm sure I could find all those things in my DSUV - which is waaaay worse since the DMV competition =).

Erin said...

Erin is seriously giving me a run for the $$!! The medicine cracked me up!

But shamelessly....I am still voting for myself!

IMOH....Erin Burns has the MOST MCP!

Terpstra East said...

Gotta go with Jill on this one. Wish I could've entered this contest, but I switch between purses too often and so all the extra junk gets tossed. Maybe I should use that same method in the vehicular realm... guess I just need to buy a couple more cars to switch between!

mel said...

This is a close one, but I gotta vote for Jill here, because I know her and I was SO impressed with her descriptions & clutter.

And, as the DMV winner, I would be happy to donate the rubber chicken for the winner to stash in her purse!

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Just got an email with three votes for Erin Burns... one from Keri Olson, one from her husband and one from her babysitter. Like I said, there are no rules. Looks like Erin B. is in the lead.