Sunday, May 10, 2009

You don't have to shower on Mother's Day

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I told Shiloh that I would give Elijah a bath and then I was going to take a shower (after time in the hot tub all by my big girl, Mother's day self). As I was getting the bath ready for Elijah he asked me, "Mom, have you taken a shower yet?" 
"No, I'm gonna take one after you."
"That's okay Mom. You don't need to take a shower."
"Why not?"
"Because it's Mother's Day."
Huh, I never knew that. 
Happy Mother's Day. Cheers to all the dirty Moms out there who don't need to take a shower today.

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jennyonthespot said...

That's so sweet... Obviously he didn't want you to have to go through such a terrible thing as taking a shower on YOUR day ;) So cute! Happy Mother's Day, darlin'!


you know, i didn't take a shower today. i slept in late and there just was never time. but it's ok because it's mothers day.

CynthiaK said...

Wow, I'm glad there was confirmation of that rule because I did not shower on Mother's Day!