Monday, May 11, 2009

And the winner of the MCP Contest is...

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The two Erins were neck and neck, but in the end - 7 lbs of preparedness gets the prize.
A big blogging congratulations (whatever that is) to Erin Burns! She is the gal to hang out with, shop with, play date with, road trip with. With Burns, you will always have what you need... and then some. An array of pens, electronics, snacks. And who leaves home without a wine opener? Not Erin B. Erin, your purse should be thanking you because clearly you give it all it needs for any occasion. Who needs to go to a "purse party"? Just dive into Erin's purse and there is your party. Congratulations - fear (of purse clutter) is not a factor for you!

The fact is, Erin is too busy menu planning to deal with her MCP... check out her menu planning/recipe blog. Very cool... if only she would cook the meals for you. 

Erin, please email your address so I can send you this cute purse and pen... so the other six pens in your purse will have some company. Actually, maybe you can just house all the pens in the purse. A princess pen purse. It's the new black.

Tricked you. I will send you this one. That princess one is way too high end to be giving away.

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Erin said...

Thank God my Heap et al is good for something other than housing wine openers and breaking my back...

It wins contests! I feel Almost Famous. So excited to have a new purse to add to my purse.

Thanks for this contest, it was very fun!