Monday, June 15, 2009


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Two weekends ago we went campingish. We were supposed to go down to Big Sur for the weekend. We had the trip planned and the spot reserved since last year. Nothing like a little rain IN JUNE to kill that plan. Trip cancelled. Plan B. We camped out in our friends' backyard. And I must say, it was quite enjoyable camping that way.
We had a nice taco dinner spread.

The children played three flies up,

swung on the rope from tree to tree on the play structure,

and princesses danced in the tents.

The CostCo firepit provided the flames for the s'mores.

The hyped up on sugar happy children ran freely in the backyard and stayed up until 10:30pm.

All the while, clean bathrooms where just steps away. This was especially nice considering Lydia decided to potty train herself two days before. "I want my underwear. I am done with diapers. I am potty training now." I was hoping to put it off until after Disneyland because I was not ready to potty train yet.

Who wants to take a timeout from campingish activities and use the restroom? Apparently not Lydia. Oh well, it only happened a few times and we just rinsed off in the dirty creek shower!

The Dads (4 of them) and the kids (8 of them) slept in the tents.

The Moms and the babies (2 of them) slept in the warmth and comfort of the the house. Did I mention I like "camping" this way?

Chocolate chip pancakes, hot chocolate, fruit and bacon were the morning menu. More children playing, getting dirty, collecting worms, wrestling and climbing up slides until someone got hurt.

And once again, the bathroom(s) came in real handy when all four kids decided to deuce it up at the same time. This is not a joke. The photos you are about to see are real and the events occurred in real time.

We had story time out in the wilderness on the patio..

Then worship time. "Mighty to Save" was requested over and over again.

Pizza for lunch. I don't think they deliver Mountain Mikes in the mountains. Another plus to backyard camping. Formula One race on TV. I am now in third place for our fantasy league. Down a notch from last week, but ready for my big comeback for the next race. And yes, there is a Fantasy League so simmer down. It's too late for you to sign up.

And if these hundred pictures did not quench your thirst for campingishness or you don't have cable tv ... here are some more. Pin It Now!