Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hollywood Days - Fashion?

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I found this photo from that first photo shoot! Looks like everyone else was a bit lacking in the fashion department as well. Sorry Dee, the whole floral coat over the sweatshirt look just wasn't... good. And how about Chris's pastel shirt and dark gray pants ensemble? Were things this bad in 1989? Indeed. At least Will was in a good old fashioned soccer outfit. Today he can stand proud. And there I am in my awesome Club Med outfit.

This photo was taken sometime during the first season of the show. Just outside of Stage 19. It's me and Paula, the show's hairdresser. This was an outfit I created and showed up for "work" in one day. Besides the fact that it is totally revealing and we will never let our daughters exit the building in this kind of garb... note the matching socks, scrunchy and crop top. Gray cropped leggings complemented the hat. And the pink dance belt? Well, let's just call that the wild card. Good things my high top Reeboks gave me the ankle and calf support I was looking for. But shooooooot - look at Paula. She was one of my stylin' role models, right? What on earth was she wearing? Honestly, there was not much hope for me. It wasn't my fault. Pin It Now!


Christine Smith said...

Love the photos Wendy, thank you for sharing this. These are great memories for you.