Friday, June 12, 2009

Cruise for the Community was a huge success!

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This is Robert Gallery's car with the big trunk. Looks much better without me in it.

The Charity Cruise was awesome! They had about 250 old cars show up (with people in them) to join in the drive to raise money for the children of the fallen Oakland PD. They raised a lot of money for those kids! Nice work Robert and Becca and all ye with cool old cars. I was going to show up for the classic car cruise in my DMV, but my husband thought I might get turned away. Personally, I thought I might win a contest or something, but whatever. My car is classic (big windshield crack and all) and no one can take that away from me. No one.

Grandpa Fred decide to make a trip up to see us this weekend so he was able to join us for the weekend's festivities. And I hijacked his awesome camera. And off we went to meet up with the people with fancy cars.
My Mom cruised with her friends Roger and Judy because they have a cool truck.

Elijah in all his Warriors glory wanted us to bid on this jersey.'s just what I've always wanted.

I saw this guy chuckin' his kid in the air and since I had the fancy camera I captured it on film.

This is Kathi Q. She read the blog post about the event and decide it to cruise it. Her son is an Alameda County Sheriff and she has a classic truck. Double whammy.

We took some family photos and Lydia was really into it.
In fact, she was a bit of the grump the whole day.
Unless she was lifting the stroller up and down the curb. Then she was content.

Otherwise, she acted... just look at the photo. I made it black and white because I was born in the 50s.

Elijah, on the other hand, was willing to pose for Grandpa Fred in front of numerous cars - depsite the fact that the sun was so bright he could barely open his eyes.

Here is Robert (on the left) and another Raider guy signing autographs.

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Karin T said...

That Kathi Q lady looks like she could possibly be the best mom ever!!! She must have lucky kids~

Anonymous said...

Nice picture. Might be Lydia's best picture of the day. :) And by the way, my daughter and you were not born in the 50s, I was born in the 50s!! You are way younger than that!! kq