Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hollywood Days - Lassie Cast

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I now have my Lassie scrapbook to help me along in this confessional journey. So here are more photos from that first gathering at Universal Studios in Hollywood. The date was April 10, 1989. Just 6 days after I got the call from my agent telling me I had been chosen for the part of Megan McCullough on "The New Lassie. During this part of the photo shoot, not only am I sporting the Club Med outfit, I now have spiced it up with a bright green and turquoise jacket. I am pretty sure it was Gotcha because that brand was pretty much awesome.

This is Jon Provost, who played "Timmy" in the orginal Lassie. He had a recurring role as "Uncle Steve." Great guy who I still keep in touch with.

The press releases were going out and we were soon to be filming a television show.

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