Monday, June 01, 2009

Preschool Graduation

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Elijah "graduated" from preschool last week. I know, I know - HUGE milestone. Don't worry we got him a brand new BMW convertible for the occasion. He actually had a "graduation ceremony" on Friday at the park. It was a big deal. Every media outlet you can think of was there. There was a potluck pizza party and interviews were set up with representatives from various colleges. 
One of the Moms ordered cap and gowns for the kids. I passed on that "$15 for 5 minutes of wear"ensemble. I think I was the only Mom to pass on that action as it seemed all but 2 girls were sporting them (and I think it was just because they refused to conform). Besides, my kid wouldn't care, right?

I mean, the kid wears a kung fu suit to school and always has bedhead. Ummm... guess again Mom. He cared.
I was talking him throughout, "It's cool to stand out. You'll never wear it again. I chose to get you the basketball jersey that you wanted soooooo much instead of this silly, silky, cheaply made graduation garb." But my pep talk was interrupted, "Wendy, there is an extra one over there. He is welcome to use it."
Do I stand my ground or do I keep trying to use this as a teachable, growing moment?
We were in a hurry. I had to get to the women's conference. Teachable, smeachable. "Hurry up and go throw that thing on Elijah."
His name was announced. Diploma was issued. Jordis was proud of her bro.

He graduated with honors - "summa cumma duper cumma yaya louda" to be exact.
Kindergarten here we come!

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Meghan said...

awwww so cute!!

Lorri said...

Love it!