Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July Festivities

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Ummm... yeah. This is my third post about the 4th of July. Whatever. I still got stuff on Disneyland too.
We started the morning off at our friends' house for their annual french toast breakfast. We caught a few minutes of the incredible, can't put your chairs out to save your spot until 6pm the night before, world renown, hometown 4th of July parade.
Shiloh headed home with the girls for a day of my little pony activity.
Me, Elijah, Grandpa and cousin Casey headed to San Fran for the Astros v. Giants game.

Our friend, Russ, was pitching for the Astros.
Stacy (Russ's wife) came with her crew of children and we all watched the game. The girls were especially attentive when their Dad was up to bat.

What I meant was - the girls barely watched the game, but instead played their own game. Grace was working towards professional Nintendo DS2 status while Lily worked on her cotton candy and popcorn consumption skills.

We walked around the park and waited in line for 45 minutes for the coke bottle slide that was about as exciting as...a bottle of coke. And I don't like coke.

After the game we headed to my parents' house for a pool party and BBQ.

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