Monday, July 13, 2009

Action-Packed Weekend & Watch Late Night TV Tonight

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Did you know Cinderella takes breaks from Disneyland and visits little girl Birthday parties? Neither did I. We went to a friend's 5 year old birthday party on Saturday. When Cinderella showed up at the door Lydia was star struck. She told Cindrella it was her birthday. She proceeded to follow her around the whole time and asked her a million questions. She also told Cinderella all about herself, her life, her family, etc.
This morning the Moms had a playdate while the Dad's went to hear their buddy guest preach at a local church. The kids decided to explore every toy in the house.

Yesterday we headed out to our friend's ranch called Flying T Youth Ranch. It is an incredible ministry! Check out the website... here is a snapshot of what the program is about:
"The heart of the Flying T Youth Ranch is to provide a safe environment for children to grow and develop character. We do this by partnering one leader, one horse, and one child each session. We believe this personal learning environment helps build up the child in all areas of life, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We recognize each child is unique and we at the ranch work to determine the individual's needs. We do all of this for every child…free of charge."
This is Amanda, the horse whisperer. She also teaches the 3's class at our church on Saturday nights. My kid LOVE her.

This is going to be the barn.

Jordis loved the horses.

We ended the day with Owen, Ava and the neighbor girls playing and having dinner. Loved it.
Oh, and let's not forget our Saturday night visit to urgent care with Elijah. Thought he had ruptured his ear drum after a loud noise from a toy caused him to scream and cry in pain "My ear! My ear! It's in my ear. I hear bells!" Fortunately, his ears checked out fine. He still has a hard time hearing me whenever I ask him to do something so there has been no change in his hearing ability.

A friend of mine from high school youth group is going to be on Letterman tonight. You must check it out. He is an amazing impersonator... of batting stances. And Gar is hilarious. I wish they would give him a few minutes of stand up time. We once did a skit together at Family Camp at Mt. Hermon where basically we just made fun of "churchy" things and people.
Like the senior pastor of the church, long prayers done by pastors in front of the church where you want to peek and see if they are reading the prayer, the techniques of "affirming" someone you like through praying when you are in junior high and other sacrilegious things like that.
AND in addition to Gar's prime time debut his little brother (Bryce Ryness) is going to be on Conan tonight because he is starring in "Hair" on Broadway. What are the odds?
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CynthiaK said...

That ranch looks fantastic. What a great place.

And, you are so connected! Friends on Letterman and Conan...sheesh...