Monday, July 06, 2009

Fourth Fun

Pin It Now! Most of us had a great time at the Decker's 4th of July breakfast before the big parade. Actually, Jordis had a great time until I set her down on the grass. Notice her feet lifting off the ground in total grass rejection.

Thanks to Melissa for taking these classic pics!

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Meghan said...

Can I just say Lydia's top is by far the cutest most awesome 4th of july wear I have ever seen! Sooo cute

CynthiaK said...

Those are the best photos ever. I love it. Perfect. :)

mel said...

yes! my pics made your blog :) I will take pics of your kids anytime, they are classic :)

KQ said...

Lydia's top is absolutely the best 4th of July outfit. Can I get it in a bigger size?? I don't think I can fit in that size!! Her face fits the outfit too. :)