Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding in Tracy?

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We had an awesome weekend that began with a wedding of two of our dear friends, Kevin and Trisha. Kevin is a Bruin alumni and one of Elijah's best friends. His now wife, Trisha, is also dear to our family. She loves our kids and we love her.
They got married at a beautiful property in Tracy. Yeah, you read that right. A beautiful property in Tracy. It exists. Sorry to our Tracy friends (like The Francis Family), but even they trash their homeland.

Elijah and Lydia were in the wedding.
On Thursday night we attended the rehearsal. Lydia had grumpy bugs and did not want to walk down the aisle. I asked the kids what kind of bribery they wanted to not ruin the wedding. Elijah quickly responded, "Two dollars!" (He is saving up for a Michael Jordan jersey). Easy enough.
"Lydia, what do you want?" I asked knowing full well that it would involve pink, princesses and/or ponies.
"Three dollars!" she exclaimed as if she even knew what three dollars was good for.
Wow. She's brighter than I thought.

She was in a good mood the night of the wedding and performed her flowery duties (although she only tossed one petal) accordingly.

I can't say the same for little Josh, one of the other ring bearers. He ran back down that aisle screaming for his Mom. She must not have offered him three bucks.

The theme of the wedding was "All You Need is Love." Jordis enjoyed reading the program during the ceremony.

I classed Elijah's outfit up Elijah's wedding attire by writing on his wife beater with a sharpy.
And as usual, we got a family photo where all parties were smiling and looking at the camera.

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Anonymous said...

Three children, and look at that awesome figure of yours. Please tell me how you do it ;)