Monday, August 24, 2009

A Comedy of Errors

Pin It Now! Friday started like any other day. Me waking up and realizing that I had forgotten to do something the day before. Like transferring the $40 worth of food (chicken, salsa, beans) from the crock pot into the refrigerator. "It's okay - it's only time and money. Something that we all have plenty of these days." I reassured myself as I said goodbye to the failed burrito components.

An hour later Jordis pulled the pyrex casserole dish out of the cupboard and onto the floor. According to the Pyrex webiste, "This bakeware was not only sturdy, it was nearly unbreakable, eliminating the hassle and cost of replacement. " Jordis was looking to challenge the "nearly unbreakable" part of that statement. Well done, child.

Fortunately, no one got hurt, except my schedule as we were supposed to be packing up the car and heading out to Lydia's ballet class. Instead I was vacuuming and mopping the entire house - because you know how broken glass travels. Three days later, I am still finding shards of glass throughout the house.

We picked up Ava (my babysitter/helper) on the way to ballet. The plan was to drop her, Lydia and Elijah off at ballet so I could run to Trader Joe's with Jordis. I was hosting a baby shower the next day and needed to get some stuff. When we rolled up to class I saw another kid's grandma. And then I saw all kinds of friends and family going to watch their little ballerinas. Normally, nobody gets to watch the girls get their groove on. This was the last day and I knew they were having a tea party but...
"Mom, today's the last class so all the parents get to watch. And you're supposed to invite family and friends, too."
"Elijah, how do you know that?"
"Because they told us that on the first day of class."
Huh, sounded vaguely familiar. I called Gma "What are you doing right now? Are you at the office? Can you come down to the community center for Lydia's ballet extravaganza...5 minutes ago?"
She came. I threw Trader Joe's out the window and was thoroughly entertained by the "dancers" and all of the princess underwear hanging out of the leotards.

Fortunately, my mom stayed with the big kids and me and Jordis ran to TJ's after class. Then we went home for lunch. Third child then took her "first nap of the day" in her "second nap of the day" time slot. Meanwhile, I burned the sugar nuts I was attempting to make for the salad for the baby shower.

After Jordis awoke we headed to Babies R Us to pick up the group gift for the baby shower. When we got home from wandering aisle to aisle at "Mom's Nightmares R Us," where they were out of everything on the registry, I noticed that Jordis was warm. Because that's what fevers do to people. The thermometer confirmed it. (I have take Jordis to the doctor whenever she has a fever because of her Kidney Reflux.) So I loaded all of my kids (and Ava) into the car and headed to the pediatrician. Wanted to be sure to get there before closing. I called them on the way. Sorry, they could not fit her in. She would have to go to the after hours clinic that was 45 minutes away and not open for another hour and a half. Dropped off big kids at Ava's house, grabbed a High Tech burrito and went to the doc.

Doc checked her. She didn't have a fever. Doc said if she didn't have a fever then she definitely did not have UTI (which is the concern with Kidney Reflux because it can cause kidney damage). No need to cath her then. Back home.

Up until 12:30am making a new batch of crockpot burritos and preparing stuff for baby shower. Looked online and found moms who had kids who had UTI's with an "off and on" fever. Huh, sounds like it could be a UTI with a fever that comes and goes. That night and in the middle of the night and in the morning Jordis did have a fever in the 102 range.

Saturday morning I went back to the after hours clinic and this time they had to cath her (sad). Good news - no UTI. Bad news - was supposed to be at girlfriend's house at 10am to prep for 11am shower. Also was supposed to pick up balloons, stop at store and several other things that morning. Life happens. Kids happen. Fevers happen. Crock pot operator errors happen. Thankfully, others picked up the goods for me, Shiloh wrapped the group gift (and did a WAY better job than I ever could have) and I got to the shower at 15 minutes before it started.

After the shower I left the kids (yes, including my fever ridden daughter) with Ava and her Mom. My Dad picked me up and we headed to San Francisco to meet up with Shiloh, 150 other people and $50 hotel valet parking.
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Christiaan said...

In Holland we call this "Top Sport" as in, being a mother is only to be tried by people in top physical shape, with the mental hardiness of NASA astronauts and the patience of Job. Hats off.

Terpstra East said...

I did not know the depth of pain and frustration that was reached in order for me to enjoy my burrito dinner on Saturday evening... I would have savored each mouthful so much more!!! At any rate, thank you! They were delicious, and apparently literally made with blood, sweat and tears. Thanks for not feeding everyone the salmonella version! Haha!

Bill and Jenn said...

Don't you just love those kind of days??? They happen to all of us. But they are usually good for a laugh a little further down the road.... :) Glad everything worked out with the shower, and that Jordis is (seemingly) okay.

Anonymous said...

I think you are a great Mom, Wendy. Bravo for keeping your composure and taking things one at a time.

TL said...

This really was a day to be blogged about.

Valencia Jones-Edwards said...

Thats just a day in the life on

~Beth~ said...

At least you still have your health. When that goes, you just have to scrap everything.

Mama V said...

Thanks for making the rest of us feel GOOD about our weekends! Everything else pales in comparison to your comical (?) weekend!

And yes, you ARE a good mama!

debsarp said...

As a "Grandma".......I'm worn out just reading this! ha! Wendy, you ARE Wonder Woman! Great you can keep up and great you can keep your wits (and humor) about you. I'm so blessed by you and your wonderful family.

Unknown said...

I don't know much, but I know that making homemade candied nuts is too. Trader Joe's, nut aisle, Candied Walnuts, $2.99. I'm sending you some.

Unknown said...

too FAR. It's too far. Sorry - trying to type and eat bon bons. It's not easy.

TDM Wendy said...

Kim, I know. I know. I buy those nuts. But the homemade ones are so much better. And I was feeling it, you know? Feeling it until I burnt them. Then I was feeling sad. And wishing for TJs.