Thursday, August 13, 2009

Losing Baby Weight

Pin It Now! If you have been wondering, "Hey Wendy, how do you hold on to those last 5 pounds of baby weight?" Here is my response:
"Hume Lake. Milkshakes. Every day I was there. Four days in a row. Ten ounces of ice cream. Three ounces of whole milk. So worth it."

Here's to holding on to that baby weight as long as I can. Because it is really just trying to "melt off" just like "they" say it does. But no, no,no. I won't let it.

And once again, if you have not checked out chapter one of my book in progress...
Target audience = Moms. If you are of the male variety proceed with extreme caution. Pin It Now!


tlswank said...

I hope you enjoyed a chocolate peanut butter one for me!

Libby said...

Love that face Wen--so classic you!