Friday, August 21, 2009

Switchfoot Boy Recovers

Pin It Now! Do you remember this video of Elijah the Switchfoot fan? Shiloh went to a Switchfoot concert without him. I knew he would be bummed. I knew his reaction would be classic when we told him about it. I knew that CPS could not arrest me for this.

For those of you that wanted to report me to CPS and were worried about the long term damage caused by this footage... I think he's gonna be okay. And I think his sister is hilarious.

For the record, we did take him to a Switchfoot concert when he was two. We even had to drive four hours to the armpit of the world BAKERSFIELD for that concert. He got to meet the whole band.

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Kelly Combs said...

Too funny. I guess he'd really be upset to know that I don't know who they are. LOL!

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Kelly, great music. And Jon Foreman (the lead singer), too. Check out "your love is strong" on itunes. so good. A rendition of the Lord's prayer.