Friday, September 04, 2009

No Craftiness Live Here

Pin It Now! The other day Elijah wanted to talk about his upcoming birthday party. It's in 5 months. "Michael Jordan Basketball!" he declared as the theme. "Let's make a poster to hang on the front door!" he cried.
"Let's go to Target and get some stuff and make it now and we can hang it in your room until then!" I responded.
Then came the song and dance,"Michael Jordan po-ster! In my roomy, room-room!" Repeat over and over.
Oh the day he is too cool for spontaneous song and dance will be such a sad one.

Here is the first the first rev of the poster. He was soooo excited and proud of it.

Together we make the most unmartha stewart of teams. I have ZERO crafty skills. And he is five. So he kept adding and adding and adding to the poster.

And this is what we are left with.

That's what is so great about kids - they have no idea. Until the 5th grade "build your own mission project."
Then he might notice that the other kids must have gotten help from their moms. And their moms must of had some skillzzzzz...
Until then - I'm good!
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Amy said...

that's awesome. and Elijah gets a lot more artsy freedom from a mom like you than a mom like me - who is a little too controlling over her kids crafty projects. =)

Lorri said...

hate to break it to ya, but I think the mission projects come in 4th grade...maybe you two should start now! the poster!

KQ said...

Reminds me of when Jordan and I were in the Chicago airport for a layover and we talked to one of the workers there who told us that Michael Jordan had been there the day before. We had been walking around looking everywhere hoping that maybe he was at the airport that day, just to find out that we missed him by one day. Jordan was probably five or six.

Casey said...

I accessed your blog through Lorri's. I share your sentiment that it's a sad day when kids become "too cool" to break into spontaneous song and dance. The good news is that spontaneity comes back when you are over 50 and don't care what people think any more! Think of it as reliving the joys of childlike living (note I didn't say "childish").

Melissa Keeble said...

Not to worry...creativity made a grand exit from the California Mission project. Now you simply purchase a kit at Micheals. So long sugar cubes. Good news for you!