Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hollywood Days - The Audition Process

Pin It Now! I think I started auditioning for guest starring roles on The Wonder Years even before I was cast in "The New Lassie." I auditioned for the show about four times before I actually booked a part. The casting director and producers liked me, but they were trying to find the right fit for me. I also had a lot of call backs for the show. A call back is when the casting agent likes you and asks you to come back to read for the producers and director. Sometimes there is a third call back. Sometimes that's it. You either got it or you didn't. If you are auditioning for a series regular role there are usually more than two call backs - the final one usually consists of going before "the network" and screen testing. At that time it is usually between you and one other actor.

But before you even get to the audition you have to get the audition. Here is how the whole thing works:
The casting agent sends out a character description to talent agents. The talent agent then evaluates who in their agency might be a good fit for that particular role. They send over that person's headshot and resume. Based on the headshot and resume the casting agent selects who they want to see in person for an audition. Your agent sets up your audition time and calls you, "Wendy, you have an audition tomorrow at 3 pm for The Wonder Years." You rearrange your schedule and you get to that audition. Sometimes the sides are faxed to you and sometimes you have to show up a few minutes early and pick them up and get familiar with them.

I saved these sides (if you click on them you should be able to read the dialogue) from when I auditioned for the role of "Melissa." Didn't get this part, but I did get a great guest starring role as "Julie Aidem," a year later. Will post video from that show next week.

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