Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

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I recently received this email from a colleague at Alain Pinel Realtors, the real estate company where my husband and family work. So this is not one of these forwarded, urban legend things. The woman who wrote this is at an office just a few cities away from us. Her husband has a malignant brain tumor from cell phone usage ...

Dear Friends,

Alan’s brain tumor has been attributed, by scientists and doctors, to his long term cell phone use. As Shepard Smith stated in his interview with me there are doubters and naysayers. Had this not happened to us I may be one of them! I have an obligation to share with you what I have had the privilege of learning the past 17 months.

I do not want you or you loved ones to needlessly suffer as our family has. Cell phones are indeed tobacco of the 21st century.

Last week I participated in the International Expert Conference on Cell Phone Health Risks on Capitol Hill. I met scientists and doctors from around the world that know this is a catastrophic issue. I witnessed a Senate hearing held in conjunction with the conference in which Senators Specter and Harkin took this very seriously. I learned that other countries such as France, Israel, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Australia, India, Russia and others are taking important steps to stop this madness. Some have legislation to ban children from using cell phones. Sadly, I met many people this past year that know their brain tumors or their DECEASED loved one’s tumor was caused by their cell phone use. Many of these victims are younger than Alan. I also was invited to and did testify to Congress on this issue a year ago.

Please view Zack’s website at WWW.CABTA.ORG which contains valuable information on this critical health issue. Also, please take a moment to sign the Children’s Wireless Protection Act on the website. The website contains many fine articles, the senate and congressional hearings, and recent media coverage. This website is dedicated to educating you and yours. Please share it with your family and friends. Until our government takes further action you can take precautions such as:

1. Use an earpiece (not bluetooth unless you turn it off while in your ear)

2. Use the speaker

3. Do not keep it on while carrying it in your pocket

4. Limit the length of your calls especially if you are in a rural area

5. Do not allow children to use one under any circumtances. Their skulls are thinner and more radiation passes into their brains.

6. Regulate your teen's use- many are sleeping with them on under their pillows or next to their heads.

Write or call your representatives to demand the Precautionary Principle be put in place in the United States.

I can not impress upon you enough that the science is indeed here. Our government knew in the 1950’s that tobacco caused lung cancer. It took them far too long at the expense of far too many to take action. The flawed research on cell phones and brain tumors conducted in the United States was funded by the cell phone industry. Studies in other countries have proven the link. Studies in the United States report a risk after 10 years of use. Alan used one for 20 years. How long have you had a cell phone? The cell phone industry already has the patent for safer equipment. But until our government forces the issue they will not admit fault. The CTIA knows the truth. This is a shame as people are dying needlessly. If you have any questions or comments please contact by phone or by email. Thank you.


Please be safe, not sorry.

Ellie Marks (Alan and I are with Alain Pinel Orinda)

** I (Wendy) got a comment on facebook (from a radiologist friend) saying that this was urban legend and that cell phones to not cause brain tumors. I know this is a disputed and controversial topic. You can read my response below to better understand why I would post something like this on my blog.

"I have to disagree with you saying that this is an urban legend. Did you read the story? This is a real person whose husband is dying from a brain tumor. I know there have been studies that say that they do not cause cancer. Tell me who pays for almost all of those studies. I tend to believe the actual human lives that have been affected by this (just like autism) rather then the studies that have been paid for by less than impartial corporations, the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Nevertheless, I understand that this cannot fully be "proven" either way. BUT I don't think there can be any harm in following the guidelines/suggestions she sets out in this article - using speaker phones, keeping cell phones away from children, etc. As you know, invisible "things" (electromagnetic radiation, etc) can pose as dangers. I recognize that there has to be some other factor/predisposition (like genetics, environment, etc) because otherwise 90% of us would have brain tumors. But I definitely think we should proceed with caution as we use things like cell phones... and facebook. And by the way, my daughter, Jordis, is going in for her follow up VCUG to Thursday to see if she has outgrown her kidney reflux. I am concerned with what they will be injecting into her body and the radiation (speaking of that stuff), but in this case I think the risks outweigh the benefits. Am I going to have her call her Dad on my cell phone in the middle of her test? Probably not."

** Here is a link to an interesting video from Dr. Mercola specifically regarding iphones.

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