Monday, November 02, 2009

Another Hagen Halloween

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Friday there was a "parade" at Elijah's school. Elijah was the only kid in the whole school dressed up like Michael Jordan. And with a shaved head. Imagine that. This was his request. He wanted to be like the NBA players and that's how most of them look (says Elijah).

No, Jordis is not dressed up like an abused piglet. She put on that costume by doing a header into the corner of the wall.

Saturday we carved pumpkins. A friend of ours (thanks Amy Brown) drew the Air Jordan logo and I carved it.

I got one photo of the kids together. Then Jordis did a face plant off the curb and added to her bruise collection.

Then we had daylight savings time, which was made up by people without children. BUT Shiloh got up with the kids and gave me the day off! I read, I worked on my message for next Bible study, I worked on my book, I cleaned (just a little), I jogged. I did not change one diaper. And I feel no guilt, no shame. Just joy. The end.
P.S. Jordis took another header and now has 3 different bruises on her forehead. I'm putting foundation on her tomorrow if we go out of the house.

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Anonymous said...

Your family is so beautiful! Elijah has such beautiful eyes!

Terpstra East said...

Poor Jordis! I'd call Child Protective Services except I'm already on their list and they probably wouldn't take me seriously. Haha! :)

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Sharon - it's time for you to update your blog so I can check out your munchkin! Cami, I know your kids have had the unibruise on the forehead.

CynthiaK said...

Oh, my! Poor Jordis! Poor little piglet.

That pumpkin rocks, though. Nice work!

mel said...

If it makes you feel better, Claire has a bruise on her forehead & one on her check. And, today at my mom's she got a bloody nose after tripping on a shoe & going face first onto their tile floor. awesome.

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Oh the age of face plants. And bruises on the cheek are so cool (she's had many) because they are so weird. How do you get a bruise on your cheek?