Monday, November 02, 2009

Welcome Back to Work

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Have you ever had one of those days where you want to scream at the top of your lungs? Consider this my SCREAM!!! Oh, that felt good. Kind of. I really would like to go out into the middle of the street and scream, but I have neighbors am more mature than that.

After a wonderful day off yesterday, I went back to work today feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to face another day of motherhood. Until I woke up. Or rather, the kids woke me up. The good news about daylight savings is that I no longer have to set my alarm to wake Elijah up for school. Now he wakes me up even earlier than my alarm would have.

Before I was even out the door with the kids for school, I discovered Lydia had peed her pants. (Lydia who has been technically "potty training" for four months - on her own initiative. She had been doing pretty well for the last few weeks.) Outfit change #1.

After listening to Lydia whine about not wanting to eat the cream of wheat that Daddy made her for breakfast and hearing Jordis scream because she wanted more cheerios we headed out the door. Upon strapping Jordis into her carseat I realized she had junk in her trunk. No time to change it because our 3 mile drive to Elijah's school usually takes about 15 minutes because of traffic. We got there in time for me to change Jordis' ... blowout pooper. Down the leg, all over the pants, etc. Different child, but still: Outfit change #2.

Dropped Elijah off and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items. Fortunately, this grocery trip produced no bloggable activity. We left the store and headed back home. Lydia peed her pants again. Outfit change #3. I had one goal today (besides feeding the kids and keeping them alive and stuff like that): vacuum the whole house. While I was vacuuming the living room I stepped on a sewing needle that happened to be sticking straight up out of the carpet. The eye of the needle end was sticking up. It went into the bottom of my foot. A Scooby Doo bandaid was used for blood management. I don't usually use my living room floor for a pin cushion. I have no idea how that needle got there. Probably from when I was sewing Lydia's Halloween costume. Oh wait, I have mistaken myself for somebody else. I don't sew. Perhaps we picked it up at McDonald's while playing in one of their ball houses. Despite the hole in my foot, I am thankful that one of my kids did not step on it or eat it or pick their nose with it.

All the while Lydia was whining about how hungry she was ... because she didn't eat breakfast. I told her she could eat from her snack pack (pre washed and cut veggies), but she wasn't hungry for that. I believe it was while I was vacuuming the stairs (one of my faves) when Lydia went into her room and then emerged with a bewildered look on her face, "Mommy, I want to be a baby."
"Why? Did you pee your pants again?"
"No. Poo."
UGH! Outfit change #4.
Into the bath she went. All this awesome action and it was only 10am.
Shiloh came home at 10:30am to watch the girls so I could volunteer in Elijah's class for 40 minutes (that's all they want). Came home. Fed the kids. Put Jordis down for a nap. Put a movie on for the big kids. Lydia peed her pants again. Outfit change #5.

Elijah didn't seem quite himself at school and had to blow his nose a lot. I think he is getting sick and will be staying home tomorrow. At 3:30 I packed all the kids in the car to go for a drive. Sometimes I just need to have my kids strapped down for a while, you know? Nevermind that Elijah was playing with his snot in his car seat and I could see a two foot long strand of loogie dangling - about to hit the floor of my precious ... dirty minivan. I about lost it on him. Or maybe I did. "ELIJAH! THAT IS GROSS! STOP THAT! GET A KLEENEX!"
Enough bodily fluids for the day!
We picked up dry cleaning and stopped at Shiloh's office for a few minutes. When we got home I got dinner going and looked at the clock every 42 seconds to see how much longer until I could put my kids in bed. Is that so wrong?

Just before bed, I put some water in a sippy cup so Elijah could keep it in his bed. Jordis hovered while I gave it to him and did her "I want that" grunt. I told Elijah to keep it away from her. He had a few sips and two seconds later it was in her mouth. "Sorry mom. She just grabbed it from me." And with that, I fell face down on the couch and laid there for a few minutes. While Jordis came over to me and shouted "MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!" for no apparent reason. Maybe she knows she is now going to get sick in a few days thanks to Elijah's poor "keep away" skills. Although if the sippy cup was candy I can guarantee that he would not have let her get within three feet of it.
All that being said, does anyone else find motherhood to be hard? Thankfully, not all days are like this, but even still ... hard. Tomorrow is a new day. And I am praying it is a better one. Praying for strength from God. Praying for laughter and enjoyment. I really am thankful for being able to stay at home with my kids. It's just days like these where I entertain thoughts of being a janitor in a prison cause I think it would be a lot easier and a little more fun. Can I please get an "amen?"

P.S. I got the downstairs vacuumed, but the vacuum currently sits mid stairs on the landing. I'm guessing it will remain there for at least three days.

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Amy said...

i feel ya.

Lorri said...

don't worry, some day soon you will be finding pictures of them on Facebook in the junior high boys bathroom even though they are girls*...Motherhood: the gift that keeps on giving! The gross factor may improve, but the "eeek" factor, not so much.

*any resemblance to an actual child and an actual event that may or may not have occured just yesterday is purely a coincidence.

Jenn said...

Amen, Amen, and AMEN.
We'll all had those days, we just don't tell a funny story quite as well as you! ;)

Hoping your week improves every day!

Mirinda said...

Amen. Right there with you girl!

Karisa said...

you are definitely NOT alone. Just think though, would anyone else love your children the same as you with all the grossness going on? haha

Lovingmums said...

Just discovered your blog. I felt like you'd just written about MY day! Ha ha love it!!